AFSA Mission Statement

The American Fire Sprinkler Association is the voice of the merit shop automatic fire sprinkler contractor.  In support of the merit shop objective, the American Fire Sprinkler Association promotes the development of educational and training programs to maintain the quality  and effectiveness of automatic fire sprinklers, encourages an expanded role for automatic fire sprinklers in protecting lives and property, disseminates information on labor, technology, and business, and provides programs to enhance business practices for the merit shop contractor. 

The So Cal AFSA Chapter continues to work to bring our members valuable educational content to meet and exceed expectations and to provide the best return on investment for your valued membership.  

Currently all live courses are scheduled in the Anaheim area.  If you are interested in us hosting a class in your area please email us at

Cal Fire Approved Continuing Education Courses
All currently approved courses are Face to Face instruction only.  We are working to be able to offer online courses in the near future. 
Courses are open to the public. 

Visit our events page for our course schedules and registration

Current approved courses:
OSHA 10  Construction - (1.0 CEU credits)
Teaches recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of safety and health hazards on the job. Provides information regarding Employee and Employer rights and responsibilities as well as how to file a complaint, and the history of OSHA. Upon successful completion of this course each student will receive a valid OSHA 10 hour Card.

OSHA 30 Construction - (3.0 CEU credits)
Trains workers and employers on recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of safety and health hazards on the job. Includes information on Employee and Employer rights and responsibilities as well as how to file a complaint and the history or OSHA. This course is intended for those in a supervisory or lead position and provides a more in depth training on individual subjects than the OSHA 10.

Fall Protection - Authorized Person - (0.4 CEU credits)
Teaches awareness of issues involved with fall protection with a focus on best practices and the need to protect workers at heights. Detailed instruction selecting the right equipment for the job and discussion of all fall protection and fall prevention methods and equipment.

Confined Space Awareness - (0.4 CEU credits)
Teaches the basic principles and concepts of confined space safety and the roles of the attendant, entrant and supervisor. Students will be able to identify the hazards associated with working in confined spaces as well as covering the proper procedures for documentation and execution for working in confined spaces.

Aerial Work Platforms - (0.4 CEU credits)
Following OSHA/ANSI Standards and guidelines each student will be familiarized with the safe operation and use of Aerial work platforms. Course includes hands on operation for observation and completion of this course. Each student will be issued a certificate of training upon successful completion.

CPVC Certification - (0.4 CEU credits)
Teaches industry best practices in the installation, application and maintenance of CPVC systems. Includes a hands on lab. Each student, upon successful completion of the course, will be issued a certificate of training.

Forklift & Reach Forklift - (0.4 CEU credits)
Teaches Safe operation of Industrial and Reach forklifts for operators. Requires hands on operation for observation. Upon successful completion of this course students will be issued a certificate of training.

Competent Person Training - (0.4 CEU credits)
This course teaches students problem solving skills when faced with safety and health hazards on the job. Practice identification and solution skills that are in the best interest of the safety and health of all employees. Includes in depth JHA training. Students must have completed the OSHA 30 at least 90 days prior to this course.

Fire Pump Testing - (0.4 CEU credits)
Teaches students the process of annual fire pump testing, including calculating GPM and proper equipment usage.

Bracing & Restraints - (0.5 CEU credits)
Teaches students the code requirements for bracing and restraint of a Fire Sprinkler System.

NFPA 25 California Edition - (1.0 CEU credits)
Teaches students the skills needed to perform the require testing of a sprinkler system, including explanation and training on proper completion of the required title 19 forms.

Trenching & Excavation - (0.5 CEU credits)Teaches students to understand adequate means of access and egress, adjacent structure stabilization, shoring, shielding and proper soil identification.

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